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This will soon be a list of tutorials suggested by students.

Using the "edit" button, add them under your name, as for example:

Andy Suggests

  • A tutorial on how to make a responsive navigation system with HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript


wishes santiago was here to help her with her website!

Mauricio Gonzalez

An intrudiction tutorial on Adobe Edge Reflow, you can download this software for free just by singing up on Adobe. It's a great visual way to layout interactive websites, it automatically creates media queries for you depending on the size of the screen, if its either an iphone or desktop computer.

Ileana Molina****

This site is a step by step to guide to layouts using CSS. The website is pretty basic and simple to understand each layout concept.

and in these video tutorials by John creigton shows you how to create a website from scratch using notepad *****

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